Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How do I book a trip on Terror?

Go to the online Booking Page and follow the on-line instructions.

My booking didn’t go through, what should I do?

Make sure you have ticked the T&Cs box and if you still have a problem, contact us on [email protected].

How do I contact you if I need information?

You can email us on [email protected].

How do I know if the trip is going ahead?

Unless you hear from the skipper by phone or email the trip will proceed.

What if I have to cancel?

Inform us as soon as you can via [email protected] and we will endeavour to re-arrange your trip.

What happens if the trip is cancelled by the skipper?

You will be informed by email or phone call and a voucher issued for a future trip.

Do you offer private trips?

Yes, if you book the whole boat it will be for just you and your guests.

Do I need six people to book the whole boat?

No, if you book the whole boat you can bring as many guests (maximum six passengers in total) as you would like. There is plenty of space on board and trips tend to be more fun with more people.

How do I know what time Terror leaves for my trip?

All departure times are listed on the Terror website.  Please arrive in plenty of time as there will be a short introduction to Terror and safety briefing before departure.

What’s the best way to visit Terror?

Car or train are the easiest methods. Terror is moored at Emsworth Yacht Harbour which has good road access and is about 1 mile’s walk or taxi from Emsworth railway station.

Where can I park?

Please use the Emsworth Yacht Harbour visitors’ pay and display car park. Do remember to buy a ticket long enough for your stay.

How long does the trip last?

About two and a half hours depending on weather and the tide.

How many people are allowed on board?

Six passengers and up to three crew.

Is there a loo on board?

No, but facilities are available ashore before boarding on the ground floor under The Deck restaurant.

I sometimes get seasick on ferries, should I bring tablets?

 If you feel it necessary then yes you should, but Terror has a wide beam, is heavy and stable and we will only be sailing within the sheltered confines of Chichester Harbour, so seasickness is not generally a problem.

How easy is it to get on board?

There is a gangway from the pontoon onto the boat and then two steps down, each of about 18 inches (50cm).

Do you provide sailing clothing and lifejackets?

We do provide lifejackets but not other clothing. It is often cooler onboard than ashore so please bring warm clothing, waterproofs if rain looks likely, a hat if worn, sunglasses and soft-soled shoes.

What sort of shoes should I wear?

Soft soled shoes, trainers or deck shoes are fine.

Is there a minimum age for children?

Yes, children must be six years or older and a maximum limit of three on the boat at any time.

Can I bring my dog on board?
Unfortunately, our licence does not allow pets to rm 53 01 replica blue strap black dial be carried on board.
Are refreshments available?

Terror does not supply refreshments but The Deck restaurant in Emsworth Yacht Harbour can offer you tea and coffee or lunch.

Can I bring food and drink on board?

Yes, with the skipper’s permission but, for safety reasons, no glassware is permitted.

Will I have a chance to sail the boat?

Yes, subject to the skipper’s approval, you will be able to sail the boat and help with raising and lowering the sails.

Do you sail in the rain?
The usual reason to cancel a sailing is too much wind, but sailings may be cancelled if the weather is very poor, at the discretion imp source of the skipper.
Do you sail shorter trips than advertised?

If you book the whole boat then a shorter trip can be organised for you, subject to the skipper’s approval.

Will you sail a specific trip for me?

If you book the whole boat and subject to the prevailing weather on the day, the skipper will try to accommodate any specific requests you have.

Will we see wildlife during the trip?

Whilst not guaranteed, it is quite likely that wildlife will be seen. As well as a wide variety of birds, we occasionally encounter seals hauled out on the mudbanks. Do bring binoculars if you are interested in wildlife.

Is photography permitted onboard?

Yes, photography is encouraged. What better reminder of your trip?

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